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Create a Diverse Portfolio with Our Financial Planning Services

Financial Planning

Whether you are planning on making a big purchase, saving for a college fund, or just want something for a rainy day, our financial advisors can work with you to create a financial plan.

Retirement Planning

As retirement approaches, you want to feel confident in your portfolio. Our financial advisors will work with you and your financial plan, so that you can truly enjoy your retirement.

Investment Planning

Our financial advisors have years of experience in handling investments such as stocks, bonds. and mutual funds. We will advise you on the best investments for your lifestyle.

Alternative Investments

Considering investing in non traded REITs, a developmental well, or solar power plants? Let our financial advisors show you the best suitable choices to fit your financial plan.

Real Estate Investment Trust

Investing in a REIT is one way of investing in real estate, but they can be traded just as you would manage stocks. Talk to your financial advisor about how REITs can benefit your portfolio.

Why Choose Us

Our Experience

Each of our financial advisors have over 25 years of experience in asset management and financial planning. We have worked with many clients to create a successful, comprehensive financial plan.

Our Personal Approach

We love getting to know every single one of our clients and creating their financial portfolio around their needs. We construct plans based on individual lifestyles.

Our Attention to You

We are always available to talk. Our financial advisors pay close attention to all of our clients’ investments. We take the necessary time and effort to manage your investments to meet your long-term needs.

Our Financial Advisors

Robert Johnston | Sr. Financial Consultant

Robert JohnsonBob has been a financial consultant in the Los Angeles area since 1983. Bob enjoys working with his clients personally to create financial portfolios that are aligned with current market trends.


Arthur Fu | Sr. Financial Consultant

Arthur FuArthur has been a financial consultant since 1980. Arthur believes that knowledgeable diversification techniques combined with long range planning are the best way to build wealth for clients.


It’s never too early to begin your retirement planning!