Our History

view of a building from the outsideOur Financial Planning Firm

Arthur Fu and Bob Johnston are our 2 Senior Financial Consultants. Both Bob and Arthur have over 25 years of experience in the financial field. They met while working together at a large financial planning firm. After working for a number of years as CFP©s, they were discouraged to see how the company treated its clients. They did not like the “cookie cutter” approach of handling their clients. Both Arthur and Bob realized that they wanted a much more personal approach when relating with their clients. This is when they began to work for Western International Securities, where they can treat each of their clients with a one-on-one approach.

Our Wealth Management Mission

We believe that teaching our clients how to manage their financial portfolio is the most important thing we can do. Our goal is to educate and to assist members of the community in financial matters to assure that they maximize the potential of their financial resources.

How We Help Our Financial Planning Clients

We accomplish our goals by working with our clients personally. We help them gain an understanding of financial planning concepts and work with them to create a sound financial plan that utilizes available resources. We constantly monitor each of our client’s portfolios so that adjustments can be made with every change in life.

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