IRA Help

What is an IRA?

An Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, is a way of saving for retirement while reducing tax costs. Unlike a 401k, an IRA gives you the freedom of investing your money the way that you want to. Similar to 401ks there are 2 types of IRAs

Traditional IRAs

The percentage of your paycheck is invested in the IRA before taxes are taken out. The taxes are then deferred until money is withdrawn from the account during retirement.

Roth IRAs

Contributions to your IRA are made after your paycheck has been taxed. When you withdraw from your IRA during retirement, the money will not be taxed.

piggy bank shooting money above itRetirement Planning and IRAs

Your IRA is an important asset for your retirement. It does need to be managed properly, otherwise you may not see the growth that you need in order to meet your financial desires. We believe that the most important thing that we can do is educate. Our financial advisors will discuss how your investments in your IRAs should be managed. We will help you choose the right investments for the capital that you place in your IRA. We can help you establish realistic retirement planning goals and discuss how we can make those goals a reality.

Our Certified Financial Planners©

We believe in creating diversified portfolios with investments in many different areas to reduce risk. We can help you choose the right stocks, bonds, or mutual funds in order to achieve your financial goals. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about your IRA.

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